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Book Making Services


Soma Sankar undertakes book making and translation services in Telugu.

Typesetting, Proof Reading and book making services are offered for a reasonable fee. Fast, reliable and prompt services are assured.

The following are the book making assignments undertaken by Soma Sankar recently.


Short stories by Mrs.Sireesha Dasari.

Andaman Diary

Travelogue by Mr.Dasari Amarendra.


Short stories by Mrs.Pothuri Vijayalakshmi.


A novel by Mrs.Sireesha Dasari.

Manthara Mala

Short stories by Dr.Mantha Bhanumathi.


Travelogue by Mr.Dasari Amarendra.

Velugu Daarulalo

Autobiography by Mrs.Namburi Paripurna.

Moodu Nagaraalu

Travelogue by Mr.Dasari Amarendra.


Memoirs by Mrs.Pothuri Vijayalakshmi.

Vaatsalya Godavari

Short stories by Mrs.Mani Vadlamani.